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Sport App

In our studio, the sporty ones are those who use
a graphic pen instead of a mouse. But with an app like this, even
your steps’ count or your gym daily routine can look intriguing.
Pitch for a big gym facilities producer we can’t mention.

Shh, top secret



rock on yellow



Ilenia Notarangelo

ux & ui

Matteo Ruffinengo
Matteo Ruffinengo


Looking for something similar

Before starting up the new Tinder, before hiring a team of 12 developers with an high passion for drones, before leasing a fully equipped Tesla to drive to your beautiful villa in Palo Alto, consider testing your idea with our help! We can study the main features of your app, create a lean UX and a beautiful UI. We can animate it too to simulate the real interaction, too (to make your VC happy!). Then, we’ll squat your villa in PA next time we visit the Sylicon Valley.