Sonar Motion series

We created a series of 4 educational videos for the Sonar Platform, meant to facilitate access to the crypto world.

We worked together with the Sonar team to create 4 videos centered around different crypto related topics, in a series designed to empower the general public and to render the crypto world more democratic. Each episode is 30 seconds long and tackles complex arguments - from crypto wallets to stablecoins and staking - distilling them into user-friendly information pills, facilitating both simplified access and knowledge. On the visual side, we used a vibrant and playful colour palette, in tune with the crypto finance world, and simple shapes to help explain complex arguments. Gradients and a touch of fine grain also add a more tangible touch to a quintessential digital environment.

Ep #1 Crypto wallet

This episode offers an overview of the various types of crypto wallets, how they work, along with their security features, pros and cons. More on

Sonar — Video 02
Malicious dapps
Sonar — Vid03 — Tunnel
Sonar — Vid 03 — Custom service
Custom service

Ep #3 Stablecoins

This episode is all about bridging real world stability with some crypto fun, offering a glimpse into the cryptocurrencies that manage to get the best of both worlds: Stablecoins.

Sonar — Video 04
Sonar — Vid 04 — GRAPh
Sonar — Vid05 — Data
Sonar — Vid 05 — there

Credits — Creative Direction Cristina Pasquale + Art Direction & Design Arianna Cristiano + Illustration Andrea Vago, Sara De Lucia + Animation Lead David Cubitt + Animation Riccardo Chiara, Fabio Orlando + Producer Daniel Ceballos + Copywriting Emilia Barbu + Portfolio Giovanna Crise