We created a video for The Nature Conservancy California exploring our planet’s big plastic problem through gradients and organic shapes.

tnc plastic — vimeo
From global production to small particles, plastic is everywhere – and this is a problem we need to tackle right away. We teamed up with The Nature Conservancy California to create an engaging video about this complex issue, narrated by the organization’s own Alexis Jacksons, whose voice guides us through the different scales, environments and situations we explore in the video. Starting from the brand’s color palette, we added a few accent colors and played with contrasting gradients to add volume and texture to the 2D illustrations. Organic, soft shapes make out the world of characters and nature, with a subtle harmony permeating every transition, whereas the plastic world is marked by a contrasting, sharp-edged aesthetic, with bits and pieces sticking out as unwelcome guests in this narrative.
As the video covers a multitude of situations, we shuffled between micro and macro worlds, from plastic particles to global production, from marine environments to urban, disadvantaged communities whilst keeping a consistent, and distinctive style.
Change together

Shaped edges and exaggerated tilts define the plastic world we designed, with bits and pieces sticking out like unwelcome guests in this narrative.

tnc plastic — Factory
tnc plastic — Garbage
tnc plastic — Plastics
tnc plastic — Plastic is everywhere
Plastic is everywhere

The dynamic, diverse array of characters we created for the video stands out through soft, organic shapes and colorful accents. Gradients add depth and volume to their presence, while their exaggerated figures reflect and communicate with the natural elements in the video.

Choose nature
Pick up
tnc plastic — Character 2 drinking
tnc plastic — Character 4 shopping
tnc plastic — Character 6 sharing

Unlike the plastic world, the universe we created for the natural elements populating the video is marked by a soft harmony with organic, rounded shapes.

tnc plastic — Fruit
tnc plastic — Nature
tnc plastic — End

Credits — Creative Director Cristina Pasquale + Client Director Luca Gonnelli + Producer Daniel Ceballos + Art Director Arianna Cristiano + Illustration Leads Sofia Buti + Illustration Alessandra Marin, Anya Derevyanko + Animation Leads David Cubitt + Animation Riccardo Chiara, Fabio Orlando, Ginevra Boni, Miguel D'Errico + Sound Design Fab Martini + Portfolio Giovanna Crise