Playful shapes in-store demos

A fun project commissioned by NYC agencies 1stAve Machine & Special Guest had us working on the in-store demos for the launch of new smartphones. A colorful, dynamic experience ensued.

The project included the creation of concepts, designs and animations for the smartphones’ launch, showcasing their features in an engaging way for the in-store experience, while also working on an exciting AR prototype. Our saturated, lively and clean esthetics were the perfect match for the big tech company's needs, making this a collaborative experience that brought two distinctive, yet very compatible visual styles working together. The contents we created were made for the in-app tutorial present on phone screens in stores, aiming for a friendly, relatable approach that would highlight the new features in an intuitive and playful way.
5g flow
AR experience

Simple shapes and fluid movement, along with an imaginative use of empty space helped express the concepts, adding a touch of playful elegance to the product’s functionalities.
Since there was no voiceover or a script that would add to the story, we relied heavily on the power of visuals so as to convey the major switch 5G technology would be, from the speed to the smooth and constant flow.

Transfer everything
GooglePixel_Mockup Battery
Seamless OS Update
New features
GooglePixel_Feature Drops icon

The creative process reflected this with a day-to-day approach, gradual reviews and input exchange with the agencies that kept the collaborative spirit alive and kicking. We explored various style directions, from outline to gradients, all the way to full color - the final choice.
Both illustration and animation were developing at the same time in what was almost a constant flow of fast paced creative work.

GooglePixel_Colorful shapes
Colorful shapes
Seamless update
GooglePixel_tranfer everything behind the scenes

Credits — illo — Creative Direction & Design Ilenia Notarangelo + Executive Producer Luca Gonnelli + Art Direction & Design Cristina Pasquale + Animation Lead Laurentiu Lunic + Special Guest / 1st Ave Machine — Creative Direction Aaron Duffy + Head of Post Production Christos Mountzouros + Direction Laurence Baz Morais + Sr. Producer Sue Romweber