Metomic Motion design

Data security in blurs & vibrant colors: we created a video explainer about sensitive data across the SaaS stack of Metomic.

metomic — vimeo
Metomic combines AI and one-click integrations to detect and protect sensitive data across SaaS apps. We designed a video explainer to clearly showcase their approach by using a contemporary look, full of dynamism and fresh elements to make it stand out. Starting from the client’s color palette, we added more warmth and nuances to the digital, abstract elements. We used a blur effect to play with the concepts of transparency and security, while gradients, slanted shapes and rounded corners brought a softer touch to the topic. A stable balance between geometrical shapes and gentle flows was maintained, while we also ensured a human presence throughout the video – from the eyes to the actual characters, there’s always a relatable element. We also worked with an array of 3D-like shapes and movements to add a materic, tactile feel to an otherwise abstract topic. The client’s interface was also adapted and integrated into the video, as well as the apps’ logos, using the same slanted look and slightly modified colors to ensure instant recognition. All the design and animation elements were carefully considered to attain a fresh, distinctive look, while also providing straightforward information about the client.
metomic — Password
metomic — Selection
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Credits — Credits — Creative Direction Arianna Cristiano + Animation Lead Valerio Di Mario + Illustration Arianna Cristiano & Andrea Vago + Animation Riccardo Chiara & Fabio Orlando + Producer Daniel Ceballos + Copywriting Emilia Barbu + Sound Design Fabrizio Martini + Portfolio Giovanna Crise