Tarot-o-bot Experience

We celebrated our 7th anniversary as a studio with a special project: we created our very own tarot deck and designed a special tarot-reader to help us predict the future of the creative industry.

Playing into the mystical connotations of the number 7, we decided to take a look back at the past 7 years and make an educated guess about the future of the Motion Design & Communication industries. This is how Tarot-o-bot came into being: keeping an ironic and dystopian approach we created an online experience able to predict the digital future, while keeping things fun. On the custom made webpage, users can trigger the draw of three special Tarots at the touch of a button, prompting the Tarot-o-bot to read the data behind these redesigned Sacred Cards. This is how our special and ironic predictions are generated, covering design, art, tech and overall creative life.

We wanted to create an experience that bridged the gap between the virtual and physical world, so we started off with some research into all things mystical. We looked into the elements that make up this universe, the recurring visuals, the colors and the symbols that could be relevant to our project.
We opted for the tarot deck as one of the most emblematic prediction techniques and set off to create an illo version of a card deck. We illustrated 14 different images related to the tech and design world, divided into 7 Sacred Roles and 7 Sacred Concepts, all shuffling towards a virtual, ironic future.

The Visibility
The Blockchain
The Tarots
The Keyframer
The Experiencer

The website layout was made to resemble a classic tarot-reader table, adding a digital and colorful twist! The cards we first illustrated guided the front-end design: we created the visuals starting from iconic elements, such as the stars, the eye-that-sees-the-future or the circles.


The visual style is - as it happens for the vast majority of our projects - extremely minimal but full of little details, like the grain that gives depth to the characters or the customized font. The particles floating on the black background of the prediction pages are yet another key visual element. Users can easily interact with these body moving elements simply by moving their mouse around or clicking on the dark background, prompting other stars and dots to appear!

Easter egg

Credits — Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo + Copywriting Luca Gonnelli, Ilenia Notarangelo, Ani Karamanuyan, Giovanna Crise + Design Ilenia Notarangelo, Cristina Pasquale + Web Development Nima Farzaneh + Illustration Arianna Cristiano, Sofia Buti + Animation Laurentiu Lunic, Matteo Ruffinengo, David Cubitt + Sound Design Carla Gioia