Thousand Currents Motion video

We designed a motion video starring bold colors, hyper-geometric patterns and beautiful characters, all to promote good deeds and social commitment.

Thousand Currents - vimeo
Imagine a constellation of grant-making support crafted to discover the impactful work of grassroots organizations striving to create a lasting impact globally. We helped Thousand Currents convey their mission across initiatives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through a motion video, explaining how they empower local associations, establish communities where people initiate tangible projects, and provide legal, economic, and social support. Inspired by the diverse cultural visuals of these regions, our design revolves around patterns that not only reflect local traditions but also weave them together. Think of it as a visual celebration of unity in diversity. We started with Thousand Currents’ brand colour palette and we elevated its vibrancy, infusing brilliance into the hues and making it a perfect “illo palette”. We can proudly say that this project is Motion Design for a meaningful good cause.
Thousand Currents - text
Thousand Currents - characters
Thousand Currents - mockup
Thousand Currents - footer

Credits — Creative Direction Cristina Pasquale + Illustration Lead Sofia Buti + Animation Leas David Cubitt + Illustration Alessandra Marin + Animation Fabio Orlando + Copywriting Emilia Barbu + Producer Daniel Ceballos + Sound Design Fabrizio Martini + Portfolio Case Study Giovanna Crise