Techtalia Conference branding

We created the motion identity of Techtalia mixing typography and symbols blending the world of technology with the enchanting backdrop of Venice.

Techtalia — first
Every year, Techtalia provides top leaders in the industry with an annual event that serves as an inspirational break – a place to learn, enjoy, and recharge. And one of the unique aspects of Techtalia is its ever-changing location. This year, they took their tech conference to the captivating city of Venice. Our task was to capture the essence of Venice and seamlessly intertwine it with the world of technology. We designed the promo video in two different ratios, designed for optimal sharing on all social media platforms and to reach the optimal audience for the event. Additionally, we produced videos for the 12 talks and speeches sharing titles, speakers and all the important info. Our approach combined typography and symbols, including 15 carefully chosen symbols representing Venice's unique elements, such as bridges and water, as well as tech-related symbols like connectivity and AI. The vibrant colors of Venice and Burano's buildings inspired our color palette. The motion identity was brought to life through typography, shapes, and a bold use of high-contrast colors. This dynamic combination not only made for stunning visuals but also seamlessly integrated the essence of Venice into our tech-centric event. Motion and shapes weren't confined to the digital realm; they spilled into the physical world, creating a cohesive experience.
Techtalia — tot
Techtalia — titles
Techtalia vimeo

We curated 15 symbols to represent the elements that define Venice like the intricate bridges, the flowing water, and the architectural marvels, alongside tech-centric symbols representing connectivity, artificial intelligence, and more. We also get the inspiration for the color palette from the vibrant buildings in Venice and the nearby Burano. To create a diverse but consistent style the different colors were combined differently for every panel video.

Techtalia — color palette
Color palette
Color combinations
Color palette

We also extended the identity to a wide array of applications presented into the event's identity, ensuring a consistent and immersive experience for all attendees.

Techtalia — Posterino
Poster exploration

Credits — Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo + Design & Animation Giovanna Crise