Growth Short movie

Animated typefaces, in seamless flows. This is our take on the word growth, inspired by the work of the iconic American artist, Sol LeWitt.

We were invited by Animography to participate in a creative exploration with their animated typefaces. A word, a week had artists and studios invited for each week of 2018 to create a loop starting from a chosen word, and using a specific typeface. Ours was growth.

We explored the concept of growth, going from simple shapes to more elaborate forms, following the journey of seeds growing into trees, of geometric shapes moving towards complexity. Organic and geometric elements come alive in our signature colour palette in a vibrant take on growth.


The visual inspiration behind our animation was the work of the 20th century artist Sol LeWitt (especially the Swirls & Curls series). His vivid approach to minimalism and conceptual art spoke volumes to us as his work manages to express complex ideas through simple, colorful visuals.

Sol Lewitt — Wall Drawing #1136 (2004)
Sol Lewitt — All Brands

Credits — Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo + Animation Laurentiu Lunic + Sound Design Carla Gioia + Animated typeface Vestebro Poster by Black Foundry & Animography + Sol Lewitt's pictures +