It’s an end of May full of travels over here at the studio!
No, we didn’t started a new folk metal band yet, but if you live in Europe we might have a chance to meet in person pretty soon.
First of, we’re in Vienna from May 22nd to 25th for Pioneers festival. With our automated video project, Algo, we’ve been selected among the best 500 european startups. We love Sacher Torte. Then, from 25th to 29th the whole team will be moving to Barcelona for OFFF Festival. Nothing better than inspiring talks, meeting with colleagues, and tapas! Next, on May 30th Luca & Ile will be flying to Rome to speak at Creativity Day.
What should we say: we love cacio & pepe as well.

If you’re around in any of the locations above and want to grab a beer together, just shoot a line at using “Illo on tour” as subject line. See you there!