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Are Illo and Ilenoliukgo the same thing?

Of course! We’ve only changed our name, not the substance. In a romantic way we love to say that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. And so do we.

Are Ilenia and Luca a couple?

Yes they are! It could seem strange but they studied together and now they work and live together. They also wrote about the pros and cons of doing so here 😅 Do you believe in the horoscope? He’s Taurus and she’s Cancer, that means the best-match-ever for each sign. We’re not fanatic of horoscopes, we believe them only when they say something good for us.

How do you work?

We love to work with people who share our interests and our passion for illustrations and simplicity. So first of all we discuss about your vision to find a common point of view. Then we ask you to complete a brief, we write a script, sketch a storyboard and we make 3-4 illustration tests. We do a voiceover casting, record it, design all the boards and share with you an animatic. If everything is ok, we animate the illustrations, add music and sound effects, and ta-da! Your beautiful video is ready to be shared on the web! You can also show it to your friends, it will surely be as beautiful as your holidays’ pics!

What if I need a video in Dothraki or Klingon languages?

We write in English, Italian and French, but we’re ready to provide you translations and voiceovers for all the languages of the Earth. For some project, we localise videos in 14 different languages. We’re also improving our translation skills in languages of other systems or parallel Universes.

How long can a video be?

Good question. Usually the shorter the better. We make videos from 10” to 90”, but our average is 60”. We can arrange together any other timing, but unfortunately we’re not Peter Jackson so we can’t do another “The lord of the ring” trilogy yet (don’t worry, we’re working on it).

Why did you change the name?

We married the philosophy of “less is more”: by eliminating some letters we found a more comprehensible name for everyone. Also the word “illo” relates to the world of illustrations, that is what we do sometimes. Furthermore, our parents -like anyone else- were in trouble when trying to spell the name of our studio correctly.

How many people are in your team?

We are 12 plus one: a creative director and a motion director, 5 designers, 3 animators, 1 data scientist, 1 studio assistant and our receptionist, a french bulldog named Penguin. We sometimes collaborate with trusted animators, illustrators and designers that will maybe join our fancy team soon!

If I contact you today, when do you start working on my project?

As soon as possible, obviously. But as a team we love to work on a small number of projects so as to be sure that your work is completely followed by us step by step. So it is better to contact us 5-6 weeks before your deadline.

Can I use the illustrations you develop for my video on my website too?

We can give you the illustrations in a vectorial format, but if you need them for other commercial use other than the video itself (like, for your website) you would need a specific licenses released by us for a small fee. In that case write us and we’ll be happy to help you.

Is Pinguino available to marry my French bulldog?

Unfortunately, Pingu has never known the joy of sex. Its will be a long, solitary yet happy life without the pains of love.

Any other unanswered question? Ask Pinguino.


Our Headquarter

Our Headquarter

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The Founders

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Peaceful Corners

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We were just a small seed in 2012 and now we’re in bloom!
We can’t believe it has been already 5 years keyframing, creating colorful designs and eating pizza together!

You’re cordially invited to join this special moment during our traditional summer BRILLO party.

We’ll be partying hard on the 22nd July!
Confirm your presence (and your +1s) to , mail subject #brillo5