2015, year of great decisions. In fact after changing our name we decided to also change our location, but don’t worry we’re moving just around the corner (literally).
We desperately wanted to be hairdressers to make some gossip with our clients, so we decided to rent an ex hair saloon, so maybe you can come and chit-chat with us in our brand new coffee corner. We promise to keep all your secrets but beware of our concierge, she knows everything and everyone!
And yes, we will have a “wild room” with floral wallpaper, a confetti wall perfect for selfies and a blackboard where you can leave your messages of love.
What else would you expect? Well, Pinguino, of course.

We’re working hard to party harder, so stay tuned for the next BRILLO Party, Opening Edition. We could also try to cut you hair, if you’re brave enough to dare.