Bloomberg Motion series

We created a motion series of videos showcasing Bloomberg’s advanced technology and the way it powers the financial markets.

This motion series features animation to narrate some of the amazing technology and human power behind the company’s iconic financial tools and a blend of audio interviews of people working at Bloomberg in different roles. Our main challenge was to find an engaging visual representation of the Bloomberg tech universe, from large scale data sets to artificial intelligences, retracing the brand’s evolution from its early days to the present time. From a colour perspective, dark neutral scenarios are highlighted by acid tones of green and purple, reconnecting to a digital and futuristic environment, together with the iconic amber orange from the historical Bloomberg Terminal. The visual direction featured sophisticated, structured motion with a tech, future-forward feel: abstract shapes, geometric data representations and gradients took center stage in this project, while the blur effect we used added depth to the composition.
bloomberg tech - header connection
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bloomberg tech - cities
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bloomberg tech - altre spheres
bloomberg tech - universe
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bloomberg tech - rami
bloomberg tech - spheres
bloomberg tech - mockup schermi
bloomberg tech - storyboard 1
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Credits — Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo & Cristina Pasquale + Art Direction Arianna Cristiano + Illustration Lead Sofia Buti + Animation Lead David Cubitt & Valerio di Mario + Illustration Alssandra Marin & Andrea Vago + Animation Marco de Vecchi & Miguel D'Errico + Sound Design Fabrizio Martini + Portfolio Giovanna Crise + Client Bloomberg Marketing Studio