McDonald's Motion series

We created 4 videos in motion design for a digital ad campaign to share how easy and fast it is to use the McDonald's app.

McDondalds — vimeo
Tap, tap, go. We partnered with Publicis Dubai to create four commercials for McDonald’s, showcasing the capabilities of their app that allows seamless ordering from home or on site with just a few taps. The “tap” action — visually represented with bold typography and musically emphasized with custom composed music by Fabrizio Martini — guides viewers into an immersive, slightly surreal dimension where anything seems possible. Uncommon transitions seamlessly move us from one scene to another in a vibrant and colorful way. We expanded McDonald’s classic red and yellow palette with greens, purples, and oranges to give each video a fresh look while maintaining visual coherence and staying true to the brand. This allowed us to maintain consistency with the main animation structure and a primary color palette while adding uniqueness through core scenes, specific colors and product features. The animation style combines a more geometry-driven layout for typography with expressive scenes created in CEL. The strategy for this campaign involved producing commercials in multiple formats (16:9, 1:1, and 9:16), with full localizations in both English and Arabic. Working with Arabic and expressive typography led us to create fully adapted animations that followed the Arabic reading flow. Additionally, each video was supplemented with a 6-second cut. Tap, tap, done.
McDondalds — Menu
McDondalds — Line
McDondalds — trail
McDondalds — menu
Change tap
McDondalds — products 1
McDondalds — hamburger
McDondalds — Pattern
McDondalds — gelato
McDondalds — Products 2
McDondalds — mc drive
McDondalds — delivery guy 1
McDondalds — delivery guy 2
McDondalds — hamburger 2
McDondalds — end

Credits — Agency & Concept Publicis Dubai + Creative Direction Ilenia Notarangelo + Art Direction Arianna Cristiano + Illustration Arianna Cristiano & Jiaqi Wang + Animation Matteo Ruffinengo, Marco De Vecchi, Miguel D'Errico & Riccardo Chiara + Music Fabrizio Martini + Producers Daniel CeballosLaura Mazzarino