We had to organise a huge party with animal masks,
confetti and dancings to let people know that Clip
is an app for giving to your videos your favourite
tunes as a soundtrack. Hard working life.

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horse drinking

clip maker


purple cake

pingu in red



Ilenia Notarangelo
Ilenia Notarangelo

creative direction, editing & sound design

Luca Gonnelli
Luca Gonnelli

shooting & dp

Miriam Palopoli


Looking for something similar

If you are about to launch an uber cool app with an uber cool UI design, probably a real looking shooting is one of the best options to showcase your product.

To avoid latency time, tiny but still tedious bugs or test user profiles with pics of your not-so-sexy guy from the IT department (hey, bro, don’t take it personally), we usually reproduce all the UI needed, then we animate it in a realistic (sometimes a little bit enhanced) way and shoot it or compose it with the best scenario: from a minimal, nordic stationery equipped desk to a crowed party in an automat laundry.